What is LOS and how do you get it? - Startup Canada Visa

What is LOS and how do you get it?

LOS, or Letters of Support, are provided by designated entities that invest in or support start-ups. These entities need to be approved by the Canadian government in order to provide LOS under Canada’s Start-Up Visa program.

Why is LOS so important?

LOS is an important part of the application process for entrepreneurs applying for a start-up visa. The Letter Of Support shows that there is interest and investment in the applicant’s business venture. Without LOS, it would be impossible for entrepreneurs to demonstrate that their business idea is viable and has potential for growth under the Start-Up Visa program.

The letter or letters of support are provided by the designated organization to the applicant or applicants themselves. There can be up to 5 co-applicants for each business application under the Start-Up Visa program. A letter of support must be provided to each one of those applicants.

What does a Letter Of Support include?

A letter of support is documentation from a designated organization that proves the entrepreneur’s business idea has been reviewed and approved. The LOS contains information about:

-the designated organization,

-the commitment certificate,

-the applicant, and

-the team heading up the proposed business venture.

The LOS is an important part of the application process because it demonstrates to the immigration officer that the entrepreneur has taken the time to develop a well-thought-out business and has secured the support of a credible organization.

What do you do with LOS?

The LOS is then included by the entrepreneur in his or her application for permanent residence under the Start-Up Visa program.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to apply for a start-up visa, make sure to research which entities can provide LOS. Please check whether they are approved by the Canadian government. This will increase your chances of success in obtaining a start-up visa.

How can we help you?

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