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Immigrant children grow up to outshine the overall population in the labour force

A recent Statistics Canada study that looked at data from tax files in 2018 found that immigrant children are twice as likely as Canadian children to come from low-income households, but in adulthood, more of them end up getting a post-secondary education, and their salaries are oftentimes greater.

Immigrants who arrive in Canada at an early age are statistically more likely to enroll in post-secondary education and make up the majority of 20-year-olds enrolled.

The study found that immigrant children are making more money than their Canadian counterparts. 25-year olds in the overall population had a median wage of about $29,700 per year but 25-year old immigrants admitted as children were earning an average of $30,300 each year – 13% higher than those who grew up here. For 30-year olds, it was even better news: the median wage overall was about $41,800, compared with $47,400 for 30-year-old immigrants admitted as children. In other words, immigrant children grew up to make about 13 percent more per year than the overall population.

The children of economic-class immigrants saw the highest rates of post-secondary participation and annual wages in adulthood. Canada’s Start-Up Visa program has been doing a great job at giving immigrants’ kids an opportunity to carve out their own path by giving opportunities for higher education, providing student loan forgiveness after five years, as well as improving access to startup financing opportunities through mentoring programs like StartupCampus Quebec!

The children of Economic Class immigrants are seeing some significant success when it comes to achieving educational attainment levels that can lead them towards entrepreneurship or other high-paying jobs later on in life thanks largely due to Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program which was created with this specific group in mind.

As Canada strives to stay competitive in the global economy, our country must value and embrace immigrants who are capable of contributing their skills. Economic-class migrants have high levels of human capital that can address many Canadian needs; they arrive with new perspectives, language abilities, or other important qualities that will help us grow as a nation.

Economic class immigrants are not just allowed but encouraged by Ottawa’s immigration policy because it is believed people like this have the ability when arriving on our shores to contribute immediately through skill sets that address needs we may otherwise be unable to meet domestically: including those sectors such as ICT where there is chronic.

Canada is a place of opportunity for immigrants. If you’re skilled and economically viable, the country welcomes your arrival with open arms as it has needs that can be met by newcomers like yourself. Canada’s supply and demand system gives priority to those who are young or middle-aged so if this sounds like something which may benefit you, make sure not to hesitate!

Immigrants with children are uniquely positioned to pass on their human capital characteristics which can be either advantageous or limiting depending on the economic class they belong to. The Canadian Startup Visa immigration program is a prime example of this, as it encourages entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world to develop start-ups in Canada by providing access visas for qualified individuals who intend to establish new companies that will generate jobs through innovation and technological advancements.

As such, immigrants have an important role in passing down knowledge about how best to acquire resources within a capitalist economy.

The Canadian government is hoping that one day, every great idea will have its start in Canada as they implement a “Start-Up” visa immigration program that provides qualified immigrant entrepreneurs with permanent residence status.

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live and work in. With a robust economy, great healthcare system, low crime rate, and beautiful natural environment, it’s no wonder that so many people are coming here as immigrants! For those who want to come from another country through economic-class immigration programs, there are some very good options out there. Start-up Visa is one of the most popular ones. Our team has spent years developing strategies for international entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses in Canada.

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