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How To Find Investors In A Remote World

These days, connecting with potential investors no longer relies solely on in-person meetings. Between social media platforms, video conferencing tools, and virtual events, it only takes one online interaction for an entrepreneur to connect with someone who can open up a wealth of funding opportunities.

With digital options being embraced by more and more people all over the world, taking advantage of these different mediums can attract the attention of potential investors virtually. To help, 15 members of the Forbes Business Council each share one strategy entrepreneurs can use to find and command the attention of investors in a remote world.

Partner With Local Business Organizations

If you’re looking for investment opportunities, now is the time. With so much money flowing into the market, investors are aggressively seeking new opportunities. Get involved with local business organizations. Take part in virtual events and never remain silent. If you’re proactive and promote your business effectively, you’ll be sure to find the right investors. – Michael Shribman, APS Global Partners Inc.

Reach Out To Known Investors In Your Space

With the transition to a remote-work world, innovators and entrepreneurs are able to identify, pitch, and close deals with investors on virtual calls with decks, ideas, and passion. With the internet’s vast ability to be our greatest resource, one can identify who is investing in their space by conducting industry research and reaching out digitally in a way that will stand out. From there, the door is open! – Christian Brown, Glewee

Find Your Market Niche

With so many options available online, no matter the economy, quality products and services will always be in high demand with both consumers and investors. These do elicit higher prices, but they also create a feeling of privilege and prestige. Exclusive and niche companies, rather than mass production and affordable products or services, bring investment attraction. – Martina Seferovic, OIP Inc.

Develop A Compelling Pitch

The key to finding investors in a remote world hinges on several things. First, create a clear and compelling pitch that articulates what problem is being solved, why it is compelling and unique, and why it will be successful. Leverage your network through social and digital channels to share your pitch and create qualified referrals. Find vetted investors through investment websites. – Jackie Shoback, 1414 Ventures

Leverage Your Network

Warm introductions remain the best route for fundraising in a digital world. The best strategy is to network with other entrepreneurs and impress them enough to get a genuine recommendation in front of their own investors. Today, networking with entrepreneurs is the easiest it’s ever been, with dozens of accelerators and communities connecting people digitally. – Tyler Weitzman, Speechify

Go Where The Investors Are

Investors are an important audience for us. We look to connect and build relationships with them where they spend their time, and like many of us, that is increasingly online. Digital events and social networks are the most common method, but we are also developing an organic strategy by creating inbound content combined with an outbound email marketing strategy. – Anand Subbaraj, Zuper

Engage On Thought Leadership Platforms

Consistent engagement on thought leadership platforms can heavily influence your chances of acquiring investors. Virtual or social impact has become the fastest route to expanding a business and brand. The more you share your knowledge on various topics that relate to your business, the greater the chances that you’ll attract growth through potential investors while also developing promising partnerships. – Makeba White Chanay, B1 Ventures & Holding

Nurture Your Relationships

Focus on relationships. Your developing network is your most valuable resource—don’t focus on monetizing it, but do focus on cultivating it. If you are an asset to those you interact with, it will be easy to ask and explore when you have needs. Building an investor network works the same way, and it can be built remotely through regular video calls and check-ins, even when you’re not raising funds. – Jeffrey Wessler, Heartbeat Health

Build An Audience That Can Double As Investors

Build your audience in a digital world, and allow them to be investors and lifetime contributors to your business. As you continue to build out and scale based on what your audience suggests, you will build trust and investment while also gaining opportunities to scale and be introduced to other resources. – Blake Van Putten, CISE

Look Into Online Investor Platforms

There are multiple investor companies and government grants that can be found online. Lately, many platforms have appeared that help startups connect with needed investors. These online platforms are a good way to start the journey of raising capital. Staying up to date with the latest technology and having your business ideas reflect that online is another must. – Oxana De Castro, FOXYLAB NEW YORK

Cater To Market Demands And Expectations

As business becomes more digital, your company will appeal to a broader set of investors. There will be fewer borders between you, your capital, and strategic support. Recognizing how this changes the criteria through which you’re evaluated is important, and catering to global expectations—based on regional market demands—is key. – Casper Rasmussen, MACH Alliance

Be Transparent About Company Values

It’s incredibly important for digital materials to be crisp, clear, and ready to share at any moment. Subtleties can get lost during virtual meetings, so your supporting documents can fill in that clarity. Regardless of where the discussions happen, the most important thing is to find investors who align with your company’s vision and corporate values. – Derek Lim Soo, Peak Power Inc.

Create A Strong Brand

One of the keys to finding investors in an ever more remote—but better connected—the world is ensuring you have a strong brand. If your narrative is compelling and your connection to your audience organic, you’ve done the hard bit. Whatever medium you use, make sure potential clients feel reassured and connected to your business. This is how you build trust. We always strive to develop and honor that. – Natalie Bellis, The Seventy-Ninth Group

Focus On Building Long-Term Relationships

In some ways, the more the world changes, the more things stay the same. While there are many digital options one can leverage to get investors’ attention, I have found that nothing is more powerful than connecting one-on-one. While that’s not “scalable,” it does allow you to go deeper to build valuable long-term relationships, gain trust and learn much more about your product and the market. – Stephen Sokoler, Journey

Commit To Forward Movement

Keep moving. People are attracted to progress and movement. The fund must grow, the portfolio must grow and our partnerships must grow. When you hit a wall, go over, below, around, or straight through it, but do not stop! – Jeremy Krell, Revere Partners

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