Canada’s tech entrepreneurship and the Startup Visa are paying off - Startup Canada Visa

Canada’s tech entrepreneurship and the Startup Visa are paying off

Canada is the world’s leader in technology entrepreneurship. Last year, Canada invested more than $650 million in innovation Startup companies through the government’s Business Development of Canada (BDC). This money has leveraged more than $6 billion of private investment and created 50,000 jobs across the country.

Since 2012, the BDC has invested in Canadian technology companies, enabling them to get off the ground and launch their business. Through its Working Capital Funds and its Export Development Canada program, the BDC has supported over 2,600 Startup companies. It was done to help them achieve significant growth. Additionally, the government is committed to investing in innovation that will help improve the lives of Canadians.

One of the reasons for Canadian success is attracting and forging a depth quality of talent. More broadly, Canada continues to attract a steady influx of diverse, ambitious immigrants from across the globe that add significant value to our talent pool.

Why it matters:

Technology companies are driving economic growth in Canada and around the world. Investing in innovative technologies and Startups will ensure that Canada will remain at the forefront of this increasingly global digital economy. And this is how the Startup Visa program is coming in handy for the Canadian government.

Solution: Startup Visa

To boost the economy, the Canadian federal government has created an innovative program. This program is for foreign entrepreneurs that wish to launch their Startup business in Canada. Through the Startup Visa program, eligible applicants receive a permanent residence if the business meets the criteria requirements.

Canada’s prominence on the world stage in this sector is growing rapidly. Our ability to compete on a global scale is a testament to the importance of maintaining a robust innovation ecosystem in this country.

Attracting more investment capital and ensuring that Startup companies have the support they need to succeed is the important thing.

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