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Every Start-up Needs those 5 Tools | Start-up Visa

As a startup, your bottom line is stretched thin enough. You need powerhouse tools and platforms that can accelerate growth without overextending funding; this way you stay in control of where the money goes while still receiving ample benefits from them while going into the Start-up visa route!

In this article, we explore five free tools that will help you with everything; from the project and social media management to calendar booking. With just these few different options at our disposal for efficiency in everyday tasks like web design or content creation, it’s easy enough for any business person!

As a Start-up, you need to measure your success by how well it helps customers achieve their goals. We saw this firsthand when we looked into marketing platforms and realized that some were offering too much for free while others came with limitations. No matter which one of these options works best for your company’s needs. There will always be plenty available without paying an additional fee!


Trello is the king of project management. Here, teams can organize their workflows through comprehensive lists and cards. It helps to keep everything in check no matter how big or small your team might be! Doesn’t matter if you’re managing a sprint with 10 people on it or less. Trell takes care of all those pesky details so that nothing falls through the cracks.
Trell’s templates are incredibly detailed making them perfect. Especially if you need help working through some tough issues.

The free version of this app will give you: Unlimited cards, members, and storage space to keep track of all your activities. You can also create boards for different purposes like hobbies or interests!
If you are looking for a place where you could easily organize your Start-up’s happenings so that everything would have its own slot- whether it deadlines looming over you; or there are social gatherings -you get the picture- everything had its specific spot in between these two… As well as custom backgrounds & stickers just because why not?



Hootsuite offers a free social media management service that will help you keep track of your posts, schedule them for execution across all networks and review the analytics. You can run up to three different profiles with this plan but there is no way redeemable other than running limited messages in each account.
The free version of this platform will give you a feel for the dashboard and serve as an excellent starting point for your Start-up. If your company is just getting started t will be excellent for you. 1 user seat is available on-demand at all times or specific hours.



What could be better than one simple, yet sophisticated calendar system? Calendly is the answer. With a single platform for all your meetings and events, you won’t ever have to worry about scheduling conflicting schedules again!
“Calendars are confusing as it is,” says Steve Jobs in his Stanford University Commencement Address “When you’ve got 100 balls in various colors bouncing around on 4 walls…it doesn’t make things any easier.”

Calendly is the best way to simplify your workday and get more done in a single session. Calendly automates all of our scheduling needs, so you could focus on other important tasks like remembering what time the next conference starts!

With the free version of this app, you can connect to one calendar per user. You will also receive a personalized link that anyone in your Start-up could use for bookings and ongoing scheduling purposes! Additionally, with unlimited scheduled meetings, notifications on all meeting changes via email/chat; this app got everything covered so there’s no need to worry about losing important information during busy times either because it’ll always be right where u left off – saving valuable business hours each day while increasing productivity.



Slack is the most popular messaging app for Start-ups. It has over 10 million active users. It may seem like just another way to communicate but it’s so much more than that! With free access to emails and instant messaging Slack has completely replaced internal email in many organizations across industries around the world.

Slack is a messaging service designed specifically by corporations who understand how important communication and collaboration are with today’s fast-paced lifestyle; however, they went beyond this basic need because there was room left untouched such things related filesharing or document sharing among colleagues all while maintaining security measures against hackers.

The free version of this app is a great start for businesses that need basic functionality. You can message, connect channels and files in search results to your account. As well as 10K messages history with just the base package! There are other features such as one on one calls or unlimited analytics available too if you upgrade.



Canva is a game-changing tool that can be used by any Start-up team in need of professional designs. It’s easy enough for even non-designers to use, and it allows users complete customization with templates for social media or presentations as well! With Canva you’ll have all your next projects looking stunning thanks to this innovative design software made specifically just what we’re talking about–impressive pitches at their best possible level…and potential investors won’t know how close they came until after seeing what’s on deck here!

The free version of this design tool is a necessary asset for any business looking to create its own templates or updates. With it, you can get 250k+ free designs that come in 100 different types. From social media posts and presentations all the way down to letters! Plus there are hundreds upon thousands of photos available as well so your ideas won’t run dry anytime soon even if they’re not exactly what’s on-trend right now…the best part? You can use it for free or buy elements occasionally.